How can you tell from your eyes whether your sleep is good?

Modern living in the USA and many other countries don’t necessarily adopt the requirement for adequate sleep. However, people must attempt to get enough sleep frequently.

In recent years, there has been news of sudden deaths of people staying up late, but it only allows those who have recently irregular sleep time to adjust their work and rest. Most senior late-night stayers have not changed at all. Then we have a problem, Lacking sleep for a long period, does it affect health?

Where does lacking of sleep pose threats and damage to the human body?

Sleep is a vital function that enables your body and brain to recharge, leaving you refreshed and awake once you awaken. Healthful sleep also aids the body stay healthy and staves off diseases. Without adequate sleep, our minds can’t work correctly. This may hamper your abilities to focus, think clearly, and procedure memories.

1. Nervous breakdown

The sympathetic nerve of the human body is excited during the day, and at night, it will regulate itself. If the human body stays up late, the sympathetic nerve will be excited at night, but will not be excited during the day, and it will cause neurasthenia and neurasthenia in the long term. The first manifestation of neurasthenia is the decline of concentration and memory. People often experience headaches, dizziness, and unresponsiveness. If you don’t care about these symptoms, then the symptoms that will appear later are neurasthenia and insomnia. Neurasthenia can also confuse the nervous system, making people prone to Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease, and so on.

2. Cardiovascular disease

Long-term lack of sleep can lead to unstable blood pressure in the body, which is also one of the symptoms that induce high blood pressure. If you stay insufficient sleep for a long time, then you are prone to cardiovascular disease, and the worst result is sudden death, it is not being dramatic, most people don’t want to die suddenly.

3. Decreased immunity

After the human body stays up late, the human nerves will become very tired. At this time, pathogens will take the opportunity to invade the body, and the body’s immunity will also decrease. Therefore, people will have dark circles and gradually deteriorate the body. Staying up late for a long time will also cause people to be in a sub-healthy state.

4. Gain weight

The fourth is that the human body has a high chance of gaining weight. According to research, if a person’s sleep time is less than 6 and a half hours, the person will become more likely to get fat. Staying up late will reduce people’s activity, which leads to different degrees of joint disease.

5. Endocrine disorders

The secretion of human hormones depends on the body’s vegetative nervous system, which has been established before. If a person stays up late, it will change the body clock. This will cause the human body to endocrine disorders. It is understood that if a woman has been on night shifts for 30 consecutive years, compared to other women, this woman is twice as likely to develop breast cancer. This is simply bad news for women.

6. Accelerate aging

The self-repair time of the human body is at night, and the human body cannot repair cells in time when staying up late. This will make people grow old more quickly than normal conditions. It will first appear on hair and skin if you find that your skin and hair appear dry and inflexible. If you have wrinkles, dullness, dark spots, and hair loss, please stop staying up all night!

Symptoms caused by lacking of sleep are first found in the eyes

If you occasionally stay up late several times, but you don’t know if you are not getting enough sleep, take a good look at your eyes! The eyes are the first place to show the human sleep status, so we have to see if there are the following changes in our eyes. If you have one of them, it proves that you have to adjust your sleep schedule, Your current schedule is not very healthy.

1. Puffy eyelids

The first thing we want to talk about is the external things of the eyes. We know that humans must use eyeballs during the day, which makes the eyeballs very tired during the day. At night, the eyeballs and some muscles have to rest. If they don’t get enough rest, it will make the tissues and blood vessels around the eyeball swell, then your eyelids will be swollen, and the whole person will look just spiritless.

2. Eyes aging

It is all about the problem of eye aging. What we said earlier is that staying up late will cause the human body to accelerate aging, but the first signs of aging are the eyes. Eyecare is very important. If you stay up late, the muscles around the eyeballs Neither the ligaments nor the ligaments can be fully relaxed, and the blood supply time of the blood vessels around the eyes will be routine. This will cause bulging eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles in the eyes.

3. Vision loss

The last thing to say is vision problems. Staying up late can cause myopia because when people stay up late, the ciliary muscles don’t get enough rest, and when people stay up late, their posture is not very correct, which will cause blurred vision. , Itchy and dry eyes, the most serious can also cause nausea and dizziness.


In summary, if staying up late will cause the human body to age, the first manifestation is the human body’s eyes. Both men and women, especially women, must take care of our eyes. We must keep enough sleep time in our daily lives. If you have to stay up late, maybe you should regulate your body, keep the body in a healthy state, and reduce the consequences of staying up late, keep your eyes and body healthy. If a person’s eyes are often dull, dark circles and increased wrinkles, etc., then it can be determined that the person stays up often and does not cherish his body at all. The physical problem is long It will show up in the future, so we must keep our body get in a full sleep situation. This is very important to protect ourselves, and we should be responsible for our bodies.

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