The right skin care steps

Have you done your daily skin care steps correctly? Come and check it out!

The first step, cleansing
Use warm water to wash your face, after the face is moisturized, pour a coin-sized cleanser in your hands, rub it in your hands and apply to the face, rub evenly, the T-zone is the key cleansing area, and it is better to clean the face within 1 minute;

The second step is to use toner
It is advisable to use a cotton pad to apply the toner. In the process of applying, use the fingertips of your fingers to tap the face to make the toner more fully absorbed by the face;

The third step, eye cream
Some young women who do not use eye creams are the thinnest and most aging part of the human body, so eye creams must be selected according to their skin type and needs. When using the eye cream, follow the method on the picture, massage in circular motions around the eye area until it is completely absorbed by the eye area;

The fourth step, the essence
Essence should be used before lotions and creams. In summer, you only need a small amount of about 3 drops each time. In winter, it is relatively dry. When applying half of the amount in summer, use your fingers to pat the face with your fingertips to make it more fully covered by the face. absorb;

The fifth step, lotion
If eye cream is used, the lotion needs to avoid applying around the eyes and pat the face with the pads of your fingers to make it more fully absorbed by the face.

The sixth step, face cream
In summer, you can choose according to your personal skin condition, whether you need to use it to evenly spread the entire face with your hands in circular motions, and then tap the face with your fingers to make it more fully absorbed by the face.

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