The Formation and Types of Dark Circles

  1. Shadow-type dark circles (black)

The most obvious feature of the dark circles in the shadows is the conditions that accompany eye bags and tear grooves. It is because of the protruding eye bags, the swelling of the eyes, the sunken tear grooves, and the shadows formed around the eyes after loose eye bags. Use your fingers to spread the skin around the limit, and you will find that there are no dark circles around the eyes, which is a loose black eye socket.

2. Pigmented dark circles (brown)

Brown eye circles are mostly related to aging, pigmented eye circles caused by pigmentation or dull skin. Long-term sun exposure causes insufficiency of melanin production or metabolism, resulting in pigmentation around the eyes, which can form dark circles over time. In addition, if you frequently use cosmetics, often draw eyeliner and use mascara, and do not completely remove your makeup, some dark cosmetic particles may penetrate into the inside of the eyelids, which may cause pigmented dark circles.

3. Vascular dark circles (cyan)

Vascular dark circles have thin skin around the eyes, slow blood flow in the capillaries, and local blood circulation is not smooth, the blood is hypoxic, and the proportion of hemoglobin increases. When the blood volume increases and the oxygen is consumed, the hypoxia is caused The “hemoglobin” increases, and the color becomes more purple and more conspicuous. This is also the reason why dark circles under the eyes will increase after staying up late.

How to tell which type of dark circles you have? The judgment method is as follows:

Method 1: Use your fingertips to gently flatten the lower eyelid to observe the blackness
Does the eye circles diminish

Method 2: Raise the mirror with your hands, raise your face to about 45 degrees, and observe whether your dark circles in the mirror change.

There are three kinds of judgment results:

(1) After the lower eyelid is flattened, the dark circles under the eyes become light + the dark circles are still obvious when the face is raised up. This is a vascular dark circle (cyan).

(2) After the lower eyelids are flattened, the dark circles under the eyes have not faded, and the dark circles under the eyes are still alive when the face is lifted. This is a brown dark circle.

(3) After the lower eyelid is flattened, the color becomes lighter + the dark circles become lighter when the face is raised, and the eye socket skin protrudes from the side. This is a shadow type dark circle

Finally, share my eye care tips:

  1. Apply heat to the eyes every day!
  2. Don’t rub your eyes with your hands often!
  3. Regular use of COBOR eye mask care. COBOR is a brand that has focused on eye care for 25 years. It effectively addresses various eye problems, deeply moisturizes, and can cope with dark circles well!

Finally, remember to go to bed early and get up early, don’t stay up late!

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