Real Eye Mask Evaluation

Recently, I found that I started to grow fine wrinkles around my eyes, which may be related to my usual laughter, so in order to prevent this phenomenon from continuing, I hurried to search for some related care products.

In the end, I found that Kebel’s Truffle Caviar Multi-Effect Eye Mask is not bad, and the price of the product is also very affordable, so I directly bought five boxes and tried the effect.

The design and shape of the eye mask is very beautiful, but Bell has a special appearance patent, which is a 360-degree butterfly design, and various eye shapes can be perfectly fitted.

The key is that it also owns the patent of the crystal membrane body, which makes the eye mask thinner and thinner without falling off, and the essence will be absorbed completely, which can diminish stains and wrinkles very well.

I hurriedly used the product the same night I got the product. The eye mask is black, the essence is full, and the texture of the eye mask is a bit like gel. It feels cold and gentle when applied to the face. No feeling of spicy eyes.

The main ingredients in the eye mask are selected black diamond truffles and French imported sturgeon roe essence, both of which are two magic weapons that can lighten wrinkles and remove wrinkles! The selected black diamond truffles combined with hydrolyzed collagen can improve the sagging problem of the skin around our eyes, tighten the skin, and also have the effect of hydrating and moisturizing! The essence of sturgeon roe contains precious nutrients, which can diminish the fine lines around the eyes.

After the eye mask is applied, there is always a feeling of going to a masquerade. I usually take it off after applying it for half an hour, and then gently massage it so that the eye mask essence can be fully absorbed. Then rinse off and you can touch the eye cream.

In the first few days of use, except for the feeling that the eye skin seems to be hydrated and exquisite, no other changes have been made. However, after I insisted on using two boxes, I slowly discovered that the fine lines around the eyes became lighter. The phenomenon of dark circles and bags under the eyes has also improved a lot, and the effect is very pleasant.

In general, this Kebel Zhenyan Truffle Roe Multi-Effect Eye Mask has the effect of improving eye wrinkles, diminishing dark circles and eliminating eye bags, and there are no adverse reactions during use. It is quite mild. It is a kind of A cost-effective product is worth a try.

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