Dairy Eye Care Tips

01 Remove eye makeup thoroughly

Eye cleansing is an important part of caring for the eye skin. In the steps of skin care, eye makeup is the most delicate and complex. At the same time, make-up products are very harmful to the skin around the eyes, so the eye makeup must be removed cleanly, otherwise the long-term cosmetic residue will cause pigmentation and it is easy to form dark circles.

02Selection and use of eye cream

The eye skin is very sensitive, so be sure to ensure the safety of the eye cream and maintain the frequency of using it both morning and evening. When using eye cream, rub the eye cream gently with your ring finger to massage. Start pressing from the bottom of the eyes, then move to the top of the eyes, and gently press from the inside to the outside. Be sure to wash your hands clean and keep the habit of pressing with your ring finger. Because the strength of the ring finger is the lightest.

03Ensure adequate sleep

Insufficient sleep is easily reflected in the eyes, causing a series of eye problems, such as dark circles, loose eye skin, and so on. So if you want to keep your eyes and surrounding skin in good condition, you must ensure adequate sleep and avoid frequent staying up late.

04The eyes need sunscreen more

The eye skin lacks a fat layer, which is much weaker than the facial skin. It is easily damaged by various external invasions in life. Choose a light-weight isolation product for the eye skin, which can help the eye skin effectively resist air Dust and microwave radiation can also reduce the burden of eye makeup products on the skin around the eyes.

05Try not to make faces frequently

Behaviors such as making funny faces can over-tangle the eye skin, which can easily lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, if you don’t want wrinkles around the eyes, avoid excessive pulling on the skin.

06Regular eye mask care

1-2 times a week, to provide special moisturizing and relaxation for the eyes, you can use collagen eye mask to care, or special eye cream, eye mask rich in eye nutrition.

07Do a good job of internal maintenance

Get enough sleep and avoid staying up late. Drink plenty of water at ordinary times and avoid drinking a lot of water before going to bed. Maintain optimism and treat diseases in time, especially endocrine disorders. Avoid direct sunlight. Don’t develop the bad habit of squinting, blinking, squeezing, or rubbing your eyes.

08 Reasonable choice to wear sunglasses

Strong ultraviolet rays are an important cause of skin aging. You should pay more attention to protecting the fragile eye skin. In the season when the intensity of the sun’s ultraviolet rays is high, you should wear sunglasses when you go out. High-quality sunglasses can filter ultraviolet rays, effectively protect the eyes and vision from harm, and can also provide sun protection for the eye skin.

Inferior sunglasses may cause a large amount of ultraviolet rays to enter the eyes and damage the lens. The green lens in the color has a strong ability to filter sunlight and is suitable for wearing when the sun is strong.

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