The Correct Use of Eye Cream

In order for eye cream to be absorbed quickly and completely by the eye skin, the correct use of eye cream must be mastered as soon as possible.

Many girls think that eye cream is done just one way to the eye area, but it is not. The following figure shows how to use eye cream correctly:

The first step of using eye cream: After cleansing in the morning and evening, use the ring finger to take a mung bean-sized eye cream, rub the pads of the two ring fingers with each other to warm the eye cream to make it easier to be absorbed by the skin.

The second step of using the eye cream: Playing the piano, gently pat the eye cream on the skin around the eyes evenly. Focus on applying more to the lower eye socket and the extension from the tail of the eye to the temple.

The third step of using the eye cream: start from the bottom of the eye and gently press from the Jingming point to the end of the eye. Then gently press from the top of the eye, from the inside to the outside.

The fourth step of using the eye cream: start from the bottom of the brow with the middle of your middle finger and gently press. Then gently press along the eye socket from the inside to the outside.

The fifth step of using eye cream: Use the tip of your middle finger to gently press the Yingxiang acupoints on both sides of the nose to promote blood circulation in the eye skin.

The sixth step of using eye cream: In the weekly special eye care, you can also add the use of eye mask in the last step to help relieve the pressure on the eyes.

I hope everyone carefully read the correct use of the above eye cream before using the eye cream, and complete this care project step by step, and you will look younger and more energetic!

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