How to Use Eyes Makeup Brushes

How to draw delicate eye makeup and figure out how to use makeup brushes is the key

Eyeliner deepens smudge

Small eyeshadow brush: The brush head is short and flat, suitable for smudging eyeliner.

Choose a dark eyeshadow, against the roots of the eyelashes,smudge eyeliner and the lower eyeliner. Smudge from the end of the eye.

The main color deepens the blooming

Medium eye shadow brush: Tongue-shaped brush head with concentrated bristles.

Choose a dominant color, deepen the blending of double eyelid creases. From the end of the eye to the end of the eye, blend in a circular motion, the bottom of the eyes is also slightly smudged.

Eye socket color primer

Large eyeshadow brush: The bristles are fluffy and easy to smudge

Choose a lighter eye shadow, as a base color, cover the upper and lower eyelids, zigzagging upward from the root of the eyelashes, the lower eyelid also needs a primer.

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