Fan Contribution: Real Evaluation of COBOR Collagen Eye Mask

COBOR, the most well-known skin care brand under Zhuhai Haishilong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and one of the top ten eye mask brands. The company was founded in 1994 and is committed to providing natural eye care and facial care products for beauty lovers. .

The types of COBOR products include collagen, eye masks, facial masks, facial care, etc. The star products are: COBOR Eye Pattern Elimination Gold Pure Eye Patch, COBOR Eye Pattern Elimination Collagen Eye Patch, COBOR Snail Bio-Plant Fiber Mask, COBOR Red pomegranate bio-plant fiber mask, COBOR Black Pearl Moisturizing Eye Mask, etc. Let’s take a look at what COBOR series products are, as well as the price and ingredient details of COBOR products.

I am a big fan of COBOR. I used the egg white at the beginning, and then I tried the roe again. Now I didn’t use up the egg whites before. I bought 5 more boxes. To be honest, I have used a lot of eye masks. , The most effective is COBOR, there are a few black ones left, I personally like the white effect, such a good baby is worth recommending.

Mask features: like a crescent-shaped design, strong adsorption, you can apply this eye mask while working, it won’t fall down

Usage experience: The paste feels cool, very moisturizing, easy to absorb, has an effect on dry lines and fine lines, and has a good moisturizing and moisturizing effect. I feel that the eye lines are really faded after use. After a week of continuous use, the dark circles under the eyes have been visibly improved, wrinkles have also faded, and the skin around the eyes has become hydrated. Even with a big laugh, the crow’s feet are not so obvious.

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