The development of skincare

5th Century to 7th Century: Although the degree of industrialization is low,people in ancient time had the heart of beauty so they used natural and non-treated plants and animals on face and body to keep skin moisturizing and smelling good.

15th Century to 20th Century: With the development of industry,chemical ingredients such as essences,pigments and other compounds were added to the skincare products after the industrial revolution.

20th Century to these days: People began to pursue natural skin care entering 20th Century. Industrial synthetic skin care products with harmful ingredients in the past began to be questioned and resisted. The development of the skin care industry was gradually stable and rational.Founded in 2002, the establishment of COBOR brought the production technology of "crystal collagen mask".Our products come with a promise to uphold the finest standards of excellence and have gained a reputation in China. We are pleased to help you become charming and radiant with safe, healthy and high effective skincare products.