The development of innovative mask material –Hydrogel

During the World War II:A lot of changes were witnessed including lack of materials during the World War II. The war had intensified in many fronts and this made the availability of materials a big hustle especially the natural rubber,so the chemists synthesized an alternative polymer to replace it.That polymer is the predecessor of hydrogel.

After 1960:The period after World War II marked a very significant point in innovation, technology and product development. By 1960, the war had already stopped and over a decade had passed. Most people had already settled and researchers plus chemists among other professionals were out to hunt for new opportunities and possibilities.To this regard,chemists tried to add and reduce some ingredients of the polymer to changed the character and use of it.After times of experiments,the polymer was more and more close to the hydrogel now.

Since 2002:The founders of COBOR always believed in making the skincare products better.In 2002,they made the first generation of eye masks with hydrogel.This was the third kind of masks based on traditional papery masks and non-woven masks,and also the pioneer of all the similar products in China.Since then,COBOR brand committed to improve the hydrogel masks constantly to help people become radiant with the high quality material.