Different designs and forms of cosmetics

Liquid:Body oils and face paints were the biggest objectives for cosmetics when they were first innovated in ancient Egypt.The liquid is the easiest form of cosmetics to be made so it's popular in ancient people. Nowadays,the liquid cosmetic--foundation has the similar use with face paints in ancient Egypt while essence and lotion are used to keep moisturizing like body oils.

Cream: People in ancient China and in some other parts of the world use cream as blush and lip gloss, the creams were red or pink made with red ocher.With the development of industry,many artificial pigments were added into the lipsticks and blush,and creams are used as moisturizer.

Masks: Queens in ancient Egypt and ancient China used egg white, pearl and plants to keep their faces smooth and soft.That was a kind of smeared mask.Non-woven masks took over in the late 20’s and in 2002, more advanced gel masks were invented by COBOR’s founder.The specific soluble botanical gel masks can fully dissolve in water which avoids reversed absorption.The nutrition can be totally absorbed by skin because of the special mask material.